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At the beginning of each session

Children are encouraged to find their own name and attach it to the self-registration board. This is a good opportunity for the children recognise their name in print. Initially a photo of the child is attached to their name; as the child becomes more confident at recognising their name, the photo will be removed. The self-registration board also informs us of their lunch option (home, school dinner or packed lunch).

Did you know? Sheets

You can find blank copies of these sheets in the leaflet rack in the reception area. Parents and carers are welcome to take a sheet at any time and fill it in. They are great way for us to work together and share information and celebrate your child’s achievements at home. These achievements are then transferred to your child’s learning journey.


Can you please telephone the Pre-School on or before the first day of your child’s absence so that we can record the nature of their illness or the reason they are not attending. We are legally required to hold this information in order for us to audit attendance for the funded sessions.

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea, may we remind you that your child should not return to the Pre-School until 48 hours have passed since their last attack. Your health visitor or health care professional will be able to give you further advise.

Outdoor Learning

We are proud of the outdoor facilities we are able to offer the children.

Could we please stress the importance of sending your child with an outdoor coat as the children can access our free flow areas throughout the sessions.

Items of Clothing

To help identify your child’s coat and other items of clothing including bags, could you please label them clearly as the children sometimes don’t know which ones are theirs.

Although wellingtons are great for some of our outdoor and Forest School activities, for safety reasons they are not appropriate footwear for inside so could you please send your child with a pair of indoor shoes to change into.

School dinners and packed lunches

Children staying for our lunch club are able to order a school meal cooked on Thringstone Primary School premises. The lunch menu offers children a choice of 3 meal options each day over a 3 week programme. Please click the menu below for our current menu.

Packed lunches – please note:
As a safety precaution, if you send your child with grapes please cut them in half length ways.

Please label lunch boxes/bags and drinking bottles.

We promote healthy eating and in order to support this can you avoid putting sweets in your child’s lunch box.

If we are notified about certain allergies eg nuts, we will ask parent not to include certain foods in their lunch boxes.

Funding for 2 & 3 year olds

There are currently three separate government funded childcare schemes that offer free childcare for children aged two, three and four. Each of the free childcare schemes has different eligibility rules so it’s important to check which of the schemes is right for you.

• 15 hours free childcare for 2-year-olds (available for families in receipt of low-income benefits or in some cases, on low income and NRPF)

• 15 hours free childcare for all 3 & 4-year-olds

• 30 hours free childcare for 3 & 4 year-olds (available for eligible families in work)

For more information about the free childcare scheme, visit the website below.

Children’s safety & safeguarding

When you drop off or collect your child from Little Acorns please ensure the main door has closed securely before you walk away.

When in the reception area, please do not open the door to anyone waiting outside, inform a member of staff who will give them access if appropriate.

Only authorised people will be able to collect your child. All people authorised by yourself to collect your child should know the password. Your child will not be released to anyone who is not authorised to collect your child, so it is important that we are notified of any changes to the information we hold.

We thank you for your co-operation

Click the leaflet below for information on keeping children safe

Dates for your diary

All activities / events are only for children who are in session that day unless stated otherwise.

Diary Dates
Forest School Dates