Little Acorns Gallery

Little Acorns do various activities throughout each week.
This gallery of images gives you a sneaky peek at what our little acorns get up to!

Week beginning 4th May

This week we have been learning about Mini Beasts. We have explored water with drainpipes (Like Incy Wincy Spider). We have made lots of different mini beasts in our craft area.

In the playdough area Badgers have been making imprints with the plastic mini beast and Squirrels have used match sticks to make mini beasts with the playdough.

During Badgers' maths sessions they have been making patterns using 2 or 3 colours. In phonics Badgers have been listening to the adults' sound talk and working out what the adult is saying, the children are starting to get really good at hearing the word that is being sounded out.

In phonics the Squirrels have been using their bodies to make a variety of noises. The Squirrels have also been developing turn taking skills by playing a variety of circles games in small groups.

Next week we are going to be learning about dinosaurs due to a lot of children showing an interest in them.

Week beginning 26th April

Another busy week at Little Acorns, learning about life cycles and mini beasts.

During Forest Schools the children have been on Minibeast hunts, which they have really enjoyed, the children are becoming aware of being gentle to living creatures and starting to understand some life cycles. We also made Spring sensory bottles in Forest Schools, which helped to develop our fine manipulative skills and hand eye co-ordination.

The Badgers have been strengthening their fingers by taking part in daily dough discos.
In the funky finger area this week we have been developing our pencil control.

During maths sessions the children have been showing the correct number of fingers and the correct numeral when singing number songs such as 5 little Speckled Frogs.

In phonics the children are developing their alliteration knowledge, some of the children are becoming more confident at thinking of words that start with the same sound.

In the Squirrels room the children have had lots of fun exploring different sounds instruments make and ways to make them play louder and quieter. They have been learning and developing different ways of moving around the forest school's equipment.

On Monday afternoon we went onto the school field and played circle games and took part in some racing games where we had to move in different ways eg side steps, jumping, walking backwards, crawling etc.

To support our learning of life cycles we planted runner beans.

In the mud kitchen we have added some potatoes which the children have loved playing with.

Week beginning 19th April

In Little Acorns this week we have continued to learn about Spring. We have planted Sunflower seeds which we have taken home to grow. We have started planting potatoes and carrots in our vegetable patch and have been learning about how they grow.

The sun has been shining all week and we have been exploring the outdoors.

In Maths, Badgers have been learning about weight and capacity; they have been developing their rhyming skills in phonics.

The squirrels' weekly challenge was pouring and filling water from cup to cup. In phonics the Squirrels have been exploring different environmental sounds and they are starting to recognise some.

On Friday we celebrated St Georges Day. We made St George flags and shields and learnt all about why we celebrate St Georges Day.

During the day we found out that there was a dragon on the loose around Thringstone! We decided the best thing for us to do was to make magic potions for the dragon to drink; the potions would turn the dragon into a friendly dragon. It was hard to get the dragon to drink the potion, but we succeeded!!

Week beginning 15th March

This week has been a mixed week of learning.

On Monday we had fun in Forest Schools, we rubbed wax crayons on paper that was wrapped around a tree, it made a fabulous pattern.

On Tuesday we dressed in green and celebrated St Patricks day.

Wednesday and Thursday we played lots of games that encouraged sharing.

On Friday we raised money for Red Nose Day by coming dressed as Superheroes.

We have enjoyed playing with some more new toys. The children are getting very good at helping to sweep up.

Badgers have had lots of dough discos this week.

Squirrels wanted to play pirates, so they made a pirate ship.

We have been outdoors lots this week developing our physical skills on the school field and in our Forest School area. We even had a snack time picnic in the sun.

Next week we will be having a fun and games Easter week!