Little Acorns Gallery

Little Acorns do various activities throughout each week.
This gallery of images gives you a sneaky peek at what our little acorns get up to!

Week beginning 31st October

Another busy week at Little Acorns.

On Monday we had a Halloween fun day. the children and staff came dressed up. They joined in with party games and lots of Halloween activities.

On Tuesday the Badgers joined the year 4 class and took part in lots of autumn crafts, it was really fun. We really enjoyed going over to school and working with the big children.

On Friday we had a bonfire fun day. We went to Forest schools and made a pretend bonfire; we learnt about fire safety. We have watched some beautiful fireworks on You tube and talked about the noises they make.

We all made chocolate apples to enjoy over the weekend.

The rest of the week we have continued to learn about Autumn.

Badgers have been learning about shapes in their maths.

The next 2 weeks topic will be Nursery Rhymes.

Week beginning 24th October

Over half term the children were asked to go on an Autumn walk and collect Autumn items and put them in the bag that was sent home. Most children brought their bags back and have talked about what they found, who they went with and where they went on their walk. Over the week we have taken part in lots of activities using out Autumn bags.

In Badgers the children have been using tweezers to pick up conkers, sorting Autumn items, comparing weights of Autumn item in maths and set up a role play pumpkin shop.

The Badgers learnt how to change batteries in toys ( supervised by an adult)

In squirrels they have been exploring Autumn items, using conkers and pine cones in the mud kitchen and put natural objects on trees. In one of the Squirrels carpet times, they discussed friendly and unfriendly behaviours using picture cards.

On Wednesday we celebrated Diwali the children tasted Indian food, joined in Indian dancing, learnt why Hindu people celebrate Diwali and took part n lots of Diwali crafts. The children and staff all had a lovely day.

The children will continue to learn about Autumn and Autumn festivals next week.

On Monday we will be having a Halloween fun day, children and staff can come dressed up in Non scary costumes.

There will be a Halloween cake sale after school, outside Pre-school, all cake will be 50p each.

The Halloween raffle will be drawn on Monday afternoon, raffle tickets will still be on sale on Monday morning for £1 each.

On Friday the children will be learning about bonfire night and firework safety.

Week beginning 10th October

This week we have been learning about Harvest, we have looked at different countries and how they celebrate harvest.

We made bread on Friday and learnt how wheat is turned into flour and then bread. We listened to the Little Red Hen story to support our learning.

Outside we have been making harvest soup in the sensory tray and have been farmers in tractors ploughing the fields in the tuff tray.

The Badgers have been mark making and writing their names in a variety of ways. In maths they have been comparing length. On the funky finger table the children have been putting elastic bands around small pumpkins, it was very tricky.

The squirrels have been snipping leafs, making harvest soup in Forest schools, hand printing leafs for our display, pegging Hedgehogs, playing in the sensory room and exploring musical instruments.

After half term we will be learning about Autumn and Autumn festivals. On Wednesday we will be celebrating Diwali. The children are invite to come dressed in bright colours and will join in lots of fun activities through the day.

Week beginning 3rd October

This week the children have continued learning about the farm.

The Badgers have learnt about different types of farms. They have been putting the wool on the sheep in funky fingers. The children have made farm puppets in creative and then used them in their play.

Badgers have been learning about capacity in maths this week, they have been applying their skills in their play in the water tray and sensory tray.

In Phonics the badgers and squirrels have been exploring different sounds with the musical instruments.

On Wednesday the Badger children went to watch the schools Harvest Festival, the children sat beautifully. Well done, Badgers!

On Friday the children went on a egg hunt in Forest schools as a hen had made lots of nests and then laid eggs in them. It was really fun.

The Squirrels have been bathing dolls, exploring shapes, playing with coloured rice and track painting with tractors.

The weekly challenge for squirrels this week was to colour match balls into the right basket, to make it even trickier they had to throw the balls into the basket.

Next week we are going to be learning about Harvest.

Week beginning 26th September

Another busy week at Little Acorns. The children have all been learning about the farm. We have been finding out about different farm animals, where they live on the farm, what their babies are called and what they are used for on the farm e.g. we get milk from cows etc.
The children have all taken part in lots of creative farm activities.

In Forest Schools the children have been farmers, they have been looking after our new hobby horses that Lizzie made for us. Badgers decided to call our horses Linda and Lena. We made a tractor with the crates and tyres which was lots of fun.

In Squirrels this week the children have been threading, painting at the paint easel, playing pop up pirates, sorting bears out with tweezers, exploring natural objects and playing with farm puppets. In phonics the children have been exploring environmental sounds which is helping to develop their listening skills.

In Badgers the children have been matching numbers and quantity together, they are now understanding that the last number we count to tells us how many are in the group. During phonics we ave been playing games that encourage our listen skills.
Our daily starter activity has helped us develop skills to draw lines and circles. On the carpet this week we have been practicing drawing people.

We will be continuing to learn about the farm next week.