Little Acorns Gallery

Little Acorns do various activities throughout each week.
This gallery of images gives you a sneaky peek at what our little acorns get up to!

Week beginning 15th March

This week has been a mixed week of learning.

On Monday we had fun in Forest Schools, we rubbed wax crayons on paper that was wrapped around a tree, it made a fabulous pattern.

On Tuesday we dressed in green and celebrated St Patricks day.

Wednesday and Thursday we played lots of games that encouraged sharing.

On Friday we raised money for Red Nose Day by coming dressed as Superheroes.

We have enjoyed playing with some more new toys. The children are getting very good at helping to sweep up.

Badgers have had lots of dough discos this week.

Squirrels wanted to play pirates, so they made a pirate ship.

We have been outdoors lots this week developing our physical skills on the school field and in our Forest School area. We even had a snack time picnic in the sun.

Next week we will be having a fun and games Easter week!

Week beginning 8th February

At the start of this week, we were learning about the book 'The Scarecrows Wedding'. We talked about weddings and Valentine's Day. We made Valentine hats and cards and talked about who we love and why. We played Valentine hopscotch, made wedding cards and designed wedding dresses.

On Thursday and Friday, we were learning all about the Chinese New Year. We have made lanterns, dragons, red Chinese gift envelopes, ordered numbers to make a dragon picture and danced with our dragon head and streamers. We looked at a world map and found China and England. We have used cotton buds and paint to go over Chinese writing.

Outside we have made a new small world construction area. We had fun playing in the snow and exploring freezing mud in the mud kitchen.

The Squirrels have been threading in a variety of ways to help develop their hand eye co-ordination and fine manipulative skills.

Week beginning 25th January

This week at Little Acorns we have been learning about the Gruffalo story. We have been making the Gruffalo, making Gruffalo crumble, acting out the story using the puppets we made. We went down the field on a Gruffalo trail. It's been lots of fun.

At the start of the week, we had snow, we made a snowman, and played on the school field pulling each other in the sleighs, racing down the hill and making footprints and snow angels. It so nice to have lots of space to run and explore.

The squirrels have been practising their turn taking and aiming/rolling skills. The Badgers have played sound lotto games and other phonic games.

Some of the children wanted to pretend to have a campfire and toast marshmallow on it.

Week beginning 4th January

This week we have been learning about Winter. We have been on a Winter walk around the school field, we have found lots of ice and enjoyed feeling it and breaking it by stamping on it. We liked the crispy sound the frozen grass made as we walked on it and looked at the footprints we made.

In maths we have been learning through number songs how many fingers represent a number. In phonics we have introduced the children to rhyming by playing lots of rhyming games (Phase one phonics).

We have enjoyed playing in our sensory room with our friends.

On Friday one of the children wanted to make a Cinema, she made the children tickets so they could attend and told the staff we needed to put chairs out for her friends to sit on and that we would need the laptop as the cinema. She also organised with staff a cinema treat for snack (Biscuit) The children all really enjoyed their cinema role play.

In Forest schools we made more bird feeders for the children, played hide and seek and explored our surroundings.

We will be continuing to learn about winter next week.